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Rachel Talalay Returns to Doctor Who to Direct Season 9 Two-Part Finale


After directing the crap out of the Doctor Who S8 two-part finale, “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven,” Chicago-born director, Rachel Talalay will be returning in Season 9!

Talalay has directed feature films like Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare and Tank Girl, and has directed television outside the Whoniverse, like Ally McBeal, The Dead Zone, and Supernatural. Now, she’s returning to Doctor Who to direct another two-part finale – episodes 11 and 12 of Season 9, written by showrunner, Steven Moffat. She joins writers Catherine Tregenna, who will be writing the season’s 6th episode, “The Woman Who Lived,” and Sarah Dollard, who’s writing the as-yet-untitled 10th episode to create a strong female presence behind the camera for Season 9.

With talented female writers and a talented female director, not to mention Clara having become an amazingly complex and nuanced companion, Season 9 of Doctor Who is shaping up to be pretty amazing! Who’s excited?

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