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For Your Consideration: Rachel Bloom Cares About Notting Hill, Not Award Shows

Emmy season is here, but Rachel Bloom doesn’t care. In fact, she’s so insulted by the concept of campaigning for an Emmy that she’s going to sing an entire song about artistic integrity and her adoration for the 1999 British romantic comedy Notting Hill. Wait, is Bloom negging the Emmys?

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With co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna, whose job seems to be a lot of apologizing for Bloom’s tendency to burst into song, we get a look into the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend offices as well as the extensive process of getting ready for these red carpets (a process Bloom has made fun of in the past on Adam Ruins Everything and the iconic tune “The Sexy Getting Ready Song“). If Bloom cares about anything, she sings, it should be the “Award for Not Caring About Award Shows” award. Never mind that it looks suspiciously like an Emmy.

Last year, the show was nominated for four Emmys and won two for Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series. Nominations for 2017 won’t appear until July 13th, but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had an incredibly strong second season. They included amazing musical numbers from the budget-eating Lemonade-inspired “Love Kernels” to perfect parodies like “Greg’s Drinking Song” to one of the most tear-inducing reprises I’ve ever heard.

The plotlines also didn’t shy away from going dark (like, really dark), subverting romantic tropes like the airport chase, and making the therapist the hero we were rooting for. I’m also of the opinion that Donna Lynne Champlin absolutely deserves an Emmy for her role as Paula Proctor because the heart of her plotline this season was phenomenal and brave.

Rachel Bloom might not care about award shows (the Tony’s being a glaring exception from her song “Nobody Want to Watch the F*cking Tony Awards With Me), but we definitely think Crazy Ex-Girlfriend deserves some Emmys.

(via Indiewire, Image: screencap)

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