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Things We Saw Today: R.I.P Ursula K. Le Guin, The Queen of Fantasy


Right as today’s Things We Saw was coming together, it was announced that the science-fiction and fantasy writer Ursula K. Le Guin has passed away. This news and Le Guin’s legacy deserves a longer post (and will get one), but I wanted to make sure we mentioned it here because in the era of modern science fiction/fantasy, Le Guin has been one of the biggest forces for complex, inclusive and non-binary characters in the genre. From her Nebula/Hugo award-winning Left Hand of Darkness to her Earthsea series, Le Guin was a powerful voice for female authorship in a genre that leaned male for a long time. Her voice will be missed.


  • Brie Larson teases us all with a clip of her “learning to fly” as Captain Marvel.  Ugh 2019 is taking forever, I just want a fast forward button from Black Panther to Jan 1st 2019. (via Twitter).

  • Yara Shahidi, Gillian Jacobs, Jessica Sanders and many more fabulous women will be directing Season 2 of “Shatterbox Anthology.” A press release has announced the directors participating in this run of Refinery29’s women-directed short film series and we are excited to see so many different women coming into directing. Is there anything Yara Shahidi can’t do? Well, not look flawless, duh. (via Women and Hollywood).
  • A young black student decided to let his teacher know that he was not okay accepting any of the lies about Christopher Columbus. Including writing in his book “I want you to not teach me lies.” Well damn. (via The Root).
  • Okay, so there is something we need coming out in Spring of 2018 and that is season 2 of HBO’s Westworld. We know that filming has finished wrapping up and while there is not a lot of information yet on the plot (sadly), we do know that Dolores and Maeve are back and everyone better watch out. (via The Independent).

What was your first Le Guin book, fantasy readers?



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