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Quicksilver is On The Run Again in New X-Men: Apocalypse TV Spot

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Okay, so this might technically be more of a commercial advertising for faster Internet speeds (faster than Quicksilver, apparently)–but if you watch the trailer below for Sky Fibre, there are at least one interesting thing to note about the X-Men: Apocalypse characters who appear–and there are several who pop up here:

At first glance, we see not only Quicksilver chilling in the Westchester mansion–but also Cyclops, Beast, Nightcrawler and Storm, the latter of which is especially interesting since she’s technically been billed as a baddie in Apocalypse. Given her history of heroism with the X-Men over the years, though, should we really be surprised that she inevitably will find her way to the good side? (Aside from that: Alexandra Shipp looks AMAZING in character as Storm. I’m still loving that mohawk.) And I’m not entirely sure how the X-Men are being used to promote an Internet connection service when the film is set decades before all of that, but semantics.

(Also, I’m sorry, but “Come and Get Your Love” will forever belong to Guardians of the Galaxy and Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix, Vol. 1, so let’s just get that out of the way now.) Still, this is a cute, fun ad spot and I’m even more excited to see the movie with these adorable young versions of the X-Men.

(via Nerdist)

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