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‘One Piece’ Unveils Its Most Mysterious Character Yet

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I can’t keep all these One Piece characters straight. Especially when I’m convinced that some of these characters AREN’T straight. That candlelit sexual tension between Sanji and Zoro? Raging bisexual energy. Meanwhile, Buggy’s life is such a chaotic gay mess that not even George Santos could hope to top it.

The sexualities of other characters remain a mystery to me. Was Whitebeard the Greatest Top of his time? Or perhaps that should just stay in my headcanon. There is one One Piece character, however, who remains the most mysterious of all! Screw her sexuality, I’m still trying to figure out who she even is in the first place?!

I’m talking, of course, about Queen Lily of Alabasta.

Yas queen …? Wait, who is this?

According to One Piece‘s most recent update, Queen Lily of Alabasta was one of the 20 Founders of the World. Who were the Founders of the World? They were the rulers and monarchs who created the many kingdoms that are present in One Piece today. They formed these kingdoms over 800 years ago, just after the end of the mysterious Void Century, where all history has been lost. The founding of the world is unsurprisingly the most important event in the history of One Piece, as the foundations that the Founders laid directly shape the modern world.

The Founding of the World took place in a land known as Mariejois, and the 20 Founders and their descendants were venerated with the title of “Celestial Dragon.” Hardcore. These “Celestial Dragons” are not actually dragons, but they have power comparable to a mythical divine lizard. In the modern era, the Celestial Dragons are the rulers of the modern world, and all 19 of them each have a seat of power in the World Government.

Wait … 19? I thought you said that there were 20 Founders of the World. You’re right! You studious little bookworm! One of the 20 Founders was known as Queen Lily, and unlike her fellow rulers, she refused to ascend to the level of Celestial Dragon. She thought that the title was just an excuse to become tyrannical, and she was right! The Celestial Dragons are a bunch of assholes who don’t care about the little guy unless it’s to scrape him off the bottom of their shoes! Queen Lily wanted to lead a normal life and be a positive influence over her people.

After Queen Lily refused to become a Celestial Dragon, she mysteriously disappeared. No one knows where she went, but in chapter 1084 of the One Piece manga, it is revealed that Lily left to seek redemption and right the wrongs that the other Founders unleashed on the world. It’s highly likely that she was banished from Mariejois by the rest of the World Government because, again, those guys are total dicks. We know that she is not the only Celestial Dragon to have been banished after abdicating her power. When the Donquixote family renounced their claim to the title of World Noble, they were quickly banished by the rest of the World Government.

It’s likely that Queen Lily died in exile, but not before birthing an heir to the kingdom of Alabasta. These heirs went on to become the Nefertari family. Wait … that means …? Yes! Nefertari Vivi, a beloved former member of the Straw Hat pirates, is a direct descendant of Queen Lily herself. In fact, Lily’s father Cobra, the current King of Alabasta, wants to discover more about Queen Lily before he gives the throne over to his daughter.

While we don’t know for certain what happened to Queen Lily, there may be a One Piece character who does, the de facto King of the World: Im. Im’s identity is shrouded in shadow (literally), but we do know that they once personally knew Queen Lily. That means that Im is over 800 years old. Creepy! Im knows all about Vivi as well, considering that they have a picture of her, just as he likely knows that Vivi is the descendant of Queen Lily. It’s even possible that Vivi could be a reincarnation of Queen Lily, just as Luffy has been hinted to be a reincarnation of Joy Boy.

But how will we know for sure? Keep reading. This series is bound to end sometime, right?

… right?

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