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New Three-Minute Prometheus Trailer is the Most of the Movie We’ve Yet Seen

So far the promotional material for Ridley Scott’s forthcoming Alien prequel Prometheus have been stellar. We’ve had a TED talk from the future, a beautifully shot short film about a creepy cyborg, and other bits and pieces. The trailers have been fragmented, but a new three-minute international trailer fits a lot of those pieces together and shows us more of the film than every before.

Like the previous trailers, this one apes the 1979 Alien trailer pretty hard — probably in an attempt to make us forget all those troublesome sequels. It also pretty clearly states the ancient-astronaut angle of the new movie, the imminent peril of the Earth, as well as some kind of evil agenda by members of the Weyland industries.

All of these threads have been floating around in different clips and trailers, but this one brings it all together. The result is exciting, but some of these threads sound a bit too familiar. Hopefully the movie will be fresh and exciting, and not a well-worn path.

(via Badass Digest)

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