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The Project For Awesome Is Happening This Weekend & It’s Got A $1 Million Charitable Goal

The suspense!

In 2007, many Youtubers — brought together by the Vlogbrothers and the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck — decided to come together for a couple of days a year to make videos about charities instead of about cats and the sexual practices of giraffes. Thus the Project for Awesome was born. Now in its seventh year, this time around the Project for Awesome* has its loftiest goal yet: They’re trying to raise a million dollars.

*#P4A if ya nasty and/or looking for chit-chat about it on twitter.

Last year they got to $700,000. At this current time of me writing this they just hit $900,000. It looks like they’re gonna do this*. The excitement!

As Hank Green said in a press release, via The Daily Dot, “The Project for Awesome is more evidence that online communities are real communities and they come together to make real change.”

The money raised today for the Project for Awesome goes to charities chosen by the Nerdfighter community. You can browse the organizations up for that over at the official website and cast your vote, and you can catch the current strain of the livestream here:

*UPDATE: They did it! Over a million with 13 hours to go.

(via Daily Dot)

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