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Days of Future Past Will Explain How a Disintegrated Professor X Isn’t Caught in Air Filters Right Now

Mutatis Mutandis

You might remember that in X-Men: The Last Stand Professor X found himself dissolved into itty bitty pieces by Jean Grey, only to have it revealed post-credits that he was somehow alive. I say “might remember” because I know at least a few of our readers have tried to block that movie from their memory as best as possible.

What with The Last Stand putting a crimp in the franchise for a while, we’ve never found out exactly how, or why, Xavier survived. Well, from the mouth of Sir Patrick Stewart himself, Days of Future Past wil solve that mystery.

Said Stewart to a crowd at Comicpalooza, via ComingSoon.Net

“It’s been 6 or 7 years since X-Men 3, where you will recall that Charles Xavier was vaporized by, whats-her-name, Jean Grey. And you’re asking yourselves, ‘If you were vaporized, how can you be in the next X-Men movie?’ Anybody got any ideas how that came about?” One audience member yelled out “Time travel,” to which Stewart responded: “Yeah, that’s exactly it. I guess. There will be an explanation, but it was a little puzzling for me because I thought my X-Men days were over. But awesome. So it’s something to look forward to.”

Ah, time travel. Time travel fixes anything. Except that I can’t go back in time and stop The Last Stand from ever having happened, but I’m working on that. (Spider-Man 3 is my first priority on that mission, though. I’ll miss the gifs, but it’ll be worth it.)

The movie wraps production in August, but Stewart’s already done with his part of the filming, which would seem to indicate he might not be in it all that much. Then again the cast does have approximately 12 billion people in it, so I can’t imagine there’s much room for many individual characters to have a ton of screen-time.

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