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Prisoners Build the Darndest Things: Impressive Things Prisoners Have Illegally Built

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and prisoners have a pretty strong will to do several things: Hurt each other, escape, and make and hide contraband. Although you might not think the prisoners in our jails are the brightest fellows, they have created some pretty intense things from what little they had available. Like the makeshift shotgun above. Photographer Marc Steinmetz has put together a collection of some of the more impressive inventions found in prisons. Kind of makes you wonder what’s out there that hasn’t been found.

Makeshift pistol made in a machine shop. Found loaded with bits of metal and match heads:

Shiv hidden in a wooden cross made at a woodshop:

Tattoo gun made from a pen, toothbrush and a small motor:

An immersion heater, presumably for distilling contraband liquor:

Some gnarly brass knuckles made from a rasp stolen from a workshop:

Check out more here.

(Marc Steinmetz Photography via Hack a Day)

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