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President Obama Joins Foursquare

After hosting a town hall meeting on Twitter, it would seem President Obama decided to continue the White House’s modernization and joined Foursquare. Announced on the White House blog, Obama’s joining of Foursquare will allow followers to discover “tips” from the White House “featuring the places President Obama has visited, what he did there, plus historical information.”

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The blog post states that as President Obama embarks and travels on his economic bus tour across the Midwest, followers can view tips posted by the account about the places he visits. For example, the first tip posted, about Obama’s visit to Cannon Falls, Minnesota, reads:

President Obama discussed ways to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class with a crowd of 500 people at Hannah’s Bend Park on the first stop of his economic bus tour across the Midwest.

The tip also contains a link to a more in-depth post, containing a minute-long video, on the White House blog.

While following President Obama on his bus tour and checking out each new tip left in his wake is neat, one might feel a more personal use of his Foursquare account might be a positive way to garner followers and interest. It is always fun to see that a large-stature person is normal like the rest of us, so it may help his image if we see Obama checking into a Five Guys or a Gamestop every now and then.

(via The Washington Post)

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