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Guy Builds Powerful Iron Man Style Palm Mounted Laser

German lab technician Patrick Priebe is a pretty big Iron Man fan, and eschewing years of public service announcements’ advice, decided to try it at home. Priebe built a 1000 mW laser using a 445 nm laser diode and strapped it onto his palm, and as Hack A Day points out, Priebe’s palm laser is as powerful as the Spyder Arctic 3, pretty much the laser one looks to for ridiculously powerful portable lasers.

Not many details are known about Priebe’s laser, other than it was constructed out of a 2 mm thick sheet of brass, which acts as a large heat sink, but also fits comfortably on his hand. Due to the large surface area, Priebe can run the laser for about three minutes straight before he needs to shut it off so it can cool down. Priebe has gone through a few builds of the laser, so check out a video of the most recent build in action below.

(via Hack A Day)

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