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Go Go Lionsgate Power Rangers Reboot!


“Aw maaaaan, Hollywood doesn’t have any original ideas anymo—” Shut up. Shut up. I’m so excited, and it’s only partially because of the combo of lack of sleep and caffeine that I’m rocking right now. This is going to be amazing.

Thank you for making all that money, Pacific Rim.

Lionsgate, in its neverending quest to plunder the depths of your childhood (to be fair, it shares that with most other Hollywood studios), is doing a live-action movie reboot of the ’90s greatest and best kids’ television phenomenon (sorry, Sailor Moon and Pokémon, but I’m biased, so you can suck it), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Via Deadline:

“Lionsgate has announced it will team with Saban Brands to revive the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the first of what it hopes will be many live action feature films… The new film will cast a new group of high school kids who mix their studies and social lives with the mission to save the world.”

MMPG never really died in the first place, having spawned several thousand spin-off shows, but none of those had a movie version where the bad guy was when a knee to the crotch propelled him into the path of a comet, so they don’t really count.

And it’s that knee to the crotch that makes me excited about the movie reboot. Because Lionsgate isn’t remaking something that was good in the first place. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the TV show but especially the movie, were balls to the wall bonkers crazy utter frakking ridiculous. And I say that with a heart brimming with affection.

So bad, yet so, so good.

The Lionsgate movie doesn’t have to start with a random scene of the Rangers going skydiving for no damn reason at all. It doesn’t have to have them take a quick jaunt to an alien planet (???!?!?!) to become “Ninjetti Warriors.” It doesn’t have to have an emotional scene where our heroes say goodbye to their dying mentor who looks like a human condom. It doesn’t have to have a tenth of the stupid the original movie had, and I will probably be satisfied.

Sleepover at my house! I’ll bring the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers VHS. You bring the Gushers and Surge.

(via: Geekosystem)

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