Who’s In Casting Consideration For the Power Rangers Reboot?

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As we scrutinize the potential casting choices for the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, let us remember: they’ll never look just like the original cast. That is to say, the original cast from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, the Japanese show from which Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers borrowed both inspiration and reams of fightin’ footage.

To review, the first team of America’s own Power Rangers had a cast predominantly filled with white actors; the roster included two (and, later, three) white boys, a white girl, an Asian girl, and a black boy. That breakdown changed a lot over the years, as team-mates came and went, but that original team is the one that’s getting rebooted — and all of those teen’s names are staying the same. So, you can imagine how fans might feel about wanting actors who look just like their predecessors.

Personally, I would be fine with it if the new Power Rangers included some more diversity this time around. Even if it pissed off the fans! However, that is not what I am about to report today. Unfortunately, Power Rangers fans are feeling uncomfortable today because the casting announcements look surprisingly, uh, pale compared to what fans expected.


Via Comic Book Resources, here’s who’s allegedly in the running to play the Red Ranger: Mitchell Hope (Descendants), K.J. Apa (Shortland Street), and Austin Butler (a recent guest star on Arrow).


These three ladies are in the running for the Pink Ranger role: Naomi Scott (Terra Nova), AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie Diaries), and Stephanie Scott.


And lastly, here are the three guys in contention for the part of the Black Ranger: Daniel Zovatto (It Follows), Ross Butler (Chasing Life), and Brian “Sene” Marc.

I’m trying not to draw any conclusions until I see the final cast list — this is only three rangers so far, and it’s entirely possible that the rest of the cast will surprise us all. (Blasian Trini??? Hispanic Billy??? Why not!) I don’t think that every future cast-member needs to look exactly like their predecessor; it would be cool to see the casting directors shake it up a bit. So far, though, this looks more like “playing it safe” than “shaking it up.”

What do you all think?

(via Comic Book Resources, image via Women Write About Comics)

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