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Now Pornhub Will Let You Watch Porn to Save the Ocean

Pornhub is giving a new meaning to getting down and dirty.

A man and woman walk on a beach covered in trash.

Popular adult site Pornhub knows a lot about getting dirty, but this week they announced they’re taking that very literally. They’ve debuted the “Dirtiest Porn Ever” in a campaign to clean up plastic waste on beaches and in the ocean, and raise awareness about the serious problem of plastic pollution.

The video stars Pornhub personalities LeoLulu (that’s their name as a couple) doing what they do best on a beach covered in plastic waste and trash. The couple walks through debris, among struggling wildlife, doing their darnedest to avoid workers in Pornhub-branded hazmat suits cleaning up trash while they get naked (and more). Every time the video is played, the site will make a donation to Ocean Polymers, an non-profit organization dedicated to removing plastic and other waste from our seas.

It’s not an unheard-of move for Pornhub, which has previously led campaigns to save the bees and fundraise for breast cancer as part of its “Pornhub cares” initiative. While the site has had trouble in the past with charities refusing donations from them, they have continued to do their part to make the world a better place, one video at a time.

“We’re dirty here at Pornhub, but that doesn’t mean our beaches need to be,” explained Pornhub vice president Corey Price in a press release. Price went on to explain why they chose ocean and beach pollution as a cause. “Ocean pollution has grown to become one of the most significant global issues of our lifetime, and it’s only getting worse,” Price explained. “That’s why it’s imperative that we use our platform to raise awareness and inspire change – not just for the time being but for generations to come.”

Pornhub using its platform to raise awareness for this cause and others is pretty great, when you get down to it. The site is one of the more popular destinations on the internet, and has remained committed to social good and maintaining a safe and open space for users and creators. It’s sort of awesome to see a company use it’s brand for something positive and do it in this kind of fun way.

If you don’t feel like watching porn to save the oceans (because consent and being comfortable are the most important things), there are other things that Ocean Polymers and Pornhub suggest you can do to protect the ocean and beaches we love: make sure to limit your use of single use plastics, recycle them whenever you can, and always make sure to clean up after yourself after enjoying the great outdoors—because porn should be dirty, not our planet.

(via Dezeen, images: Pornhub)

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