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Here’s Some Official Pokémon Toys You Gotta Catch for the 25th Anniversary

2.B.A. Master, Pokémon (Toy) Master!


February 27, 2021, marks the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, and I honestly can’t wrap my head around it. Pokémon feels like one of those franchises that’s been a staple in my life, whether it was me taking part in the fandom (I still have that 2.B.A. Master CD somewhere) or noticing a Pikachu towel or blanket in a department store. It feels older than me, in a way, like it’s always been here, and will continue to be here for many years to come.

So what better way to celebrate with toys!

Jazwares has worked with us to put together a list of some officially licensed Pokémon toys they have for everyone who’s trying to be the best, like no one ever was. All of the toys are available right MEOWTH with the exception of this adorable Pikachu who’s ready to celebrate! You can preorder him, though, exclusively through GameStop, and he’ll be released from his Pokéball on March 4th!

New Pikachu plush on the "who's that Pokemon" background

You can check out the Jazwares page here, or head over to Wicked Cool Toys (a Jazwares company) to see an entire collection of PokéPicks and where you can purchase them. You’ll also be able to see if there are any variants available for each product, after all, there’s been 150 or more to see for quite some time now.

In the spirit of it being the 25th anniversary this week, here are 24 more toys the company has to offer to go alongside that Partychu you can preorder. There’s a variety of classic starters (to the newer generations), to plushies that flop around like fish out of water (I’m not kidding when I say that).

  • These Perfectly Loveable Galar Region Starters

Plush from the Galar Region in Pokemon

  • This Good Chunk Gengar

Pic of the Gengar Plush

  • This Too Cool for School Greninja

Pic of the Greninja Plush

  • This Multi-Pack Is Ready To Start Somethin’

Picture of the Pokemon Multi-Pack

  • This Puffin’ Mad Jigglypuff (Poor Sobble)

  • Block-a-chu!

Picture of blocky Pikachu

  • Plush-a-Ball, GO!

Picture of a plush pokeball

  • This Good Boy Raichu

Picture of this cute Raichu plush


  • This 4-pack of PokéPlush

A 4 pack of Pokemon plush

  • This Winky-Face Bulbasaur and Smug Pikachu!

FIgures of Bulbasaur and Pikachu


  • Mewtwo. That’s it. Send Tweet.

Picture of deluxe Mewtwo Figure

  • This Multi-Pack Has Togepi That’s All That Matters!

Another Pokemon Battle Pack

  • Put Some Respect On Ash Ketchum’s Name 

Figure of Ash and Pikachu

  • Of Course Charizard Is Battle Ready

Charizard figure

  • This Clip-On Popplio UwU

Clip on Popplio plush


  • CHARMANDER CHAAAAAR (With Flame Action)

Plush of Charmander

  • This Multi-Pack Has Rowlet That’s All That Matters!

Another Multi-Pack of Pokemon

  • My Partner Pikachu!

Image of Pikachu in action

  • This Magikarp With Flopping Action???

Plush of Magikarp

  • This Carry Case Playset

A picture of the Pokemon carry case that's also a playset

  • My Partner Eevee!

Picture of Eevee toy

  • The Chunkiest Chunk Snorlax With Snooze Action

Big plush of Snorlax with Snooze Action

  • This Clip N’ Go Poké Belt

Picture of the clip Poke Ball Belt Set

  • You Can LAUNCH ROWLET!!!

Picture of the Launchable Rowlet toy

In just a few more days it’ll officially be the 25th anniversary of Pokémon. Which of these are you adding to your collection? Is anything already sitting on your shelf? More importantly, is it actually possible to ever catch em’ all?

(Image: Jazwares)

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