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A Holiday Gift Guide for Those of Us Who Put Santa Hats on Our Pokémon (Whether They Sit Still for It or Not)

Got catch 'em all (and put them in Christmas stockings)

Pokémon Holiday Guide

Now that we’re approaching the season of perpetual cold, Santa-themed cereal, and being thankful for neighbors with snowblowers, the holiday guides are here to tempt us into buying gifts to put underneath our trees. The gifts, of course, are meant to be for our loved ones, but after looking through the festive offerings of Pokémon I already know that at least one Pika-item will be mine.

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It’s a good year to be a Pokémon fan, especially with it being the 25th anniversary. On top of there being a fun selection of collectible, Christmas-themed items, new video games have been released (and we still have, at least, one more to go next year). This guide highlights some of my favorite Pokémon holiday offerings, but if you want the entire catalog, I recommend heading right over here.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Considering the timing of this release (just last Friday, November 19th), it’s impossible to not include these remakes of the classic Pokémon Diamond and Pearl on a Pokémon holiday guide. Released for the Nintendo Switch, these games take trainers back to the Sinnoh region as they, well, try and decide which game they should start with (note: if it helps here’s a list of the Pokémon exclusive to each version of the game – unless if the cover already won you over with the legendary Pokémon featured on each one).

These two aren’t the only Pokémon game releases we’ll be seeing. Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be released early next year, so you can either grab Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for gifts now or wait about a month after Christmas for Arceus (which releases on January 28, 2022).


Pokémon wreath

What’s cuter than Pokémon plush?

Pokémon plush in gift boxes.


Pokémon plush holding Christmas ornaments to decorate with.

Pokémon Glaceon plush

Pokémon plush riding other Pokémon as if they themselves are Santa, out to deliver presents for other Pokémon.

Pokémon Piplup

Pokémon plush. That’s it. Send Christmas tweet.

Pokémon Spheal

Pokémon Galarian


Take a ride on the Delibird Holiday Express

Pokémon Holiday set

Tag yourself, I’m the Snorlax blocking the train tracks in favor of taking a much-needed nap.

The holidays can be an exhausting time, my friends.

Gotta Wear ‘Em All

Pokémon holiday sweaters

While I might complain about how cold it’s gonna be until the groundhog does whatever it is he does in February (let’s be real, it’s gonna be cold until April), there is one perk to the frost that makes an appearance on our car in the early mornings: winter clothes, namely, comfy sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, and whatever else combines winter colors with Pokémon.

More Pokémon winter gear

Pokémon winter

Pokémon, but for your trees!

Pokémon ornaments

If you’re like me, you already have a steadily growing collection of geeky Christmas ornaments. If you’re looking for something that’s of the Pokémon variety, then these festive ornaments will be perfect to decorate your Christmas tree with. Pokémon

Be sure to check out the official holiday catalog for more Pokémon Christmas cheer. The catalog offers a mix of holiday-themed gift ideas to your regularly scheduled mix of Pokémon-themed goodies.

(Image: Pokémon)

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