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New PlayStation Ad Shows Sony Is Still Really Good At Ad Campaigns [Video]

Ever since the “It Only Does Everything” campaign, Sony has been pretty good at marketing. The character of Kevin Butler was one of the most amusing things ever to happen to video game marketing, but now Sony is traveling off of the comedic path and doing something a little more serious. With this new ad, part of the “Long Live Playcampaign, Sony has collected their current famous mascots and iconic characters from games that appear on their platforms, put them in a tavern, and has them praise “Michael,” a representation of the everyday gamer; essentially a representation of you.

The ad features a bunch of favorites, including Uncharted’s Nathan Drake recounting a story to Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning (okay, maybe not everyone’s favorite characters), God of War’s Kratos, a chimera from Resistance, inFamous’ Cole MacGrath discussing Empire City’s ambivalence toward him, Metal Gear Solid’s Old Snake thankfully quoting everyone’s MGS meme line, Twisted Metal’s homicidal ice cream truck driver Sweet Tooth playing chess with LittleBigPlanet’s adorable Sackboy, and even Portal’s Chell for one second in the background (1:15 into the above video). A few other notable characters make a quick appearance. Not has Sony made it fun to watch an ad over and over again, trying to discern who makes an appearance, but they made iconic characters like Nathan Drake and Kratos honor you. Good work, Sony.

(via PlayStation Blog)

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