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Pizza Hut May Soon Have Touchscreen Interactive Tables

I am growing more concerned about how I will get my pizza post-singularity.

 In case knowing the name of your Domino’s Delivery person wasn’t enough future for you, Pizza Hut might elevate their dine-in experience with touchscreens. Yesterday the chain’s Youtube channel released a concept video showing young, hip customers spinning pizza and playing games on an “Interactive Concept Table” like a couple of personal pan DJs.


The video is part of Pizza Hut’s collaboration with Chaotic Moon studios. Chaotic Moon has worked with corporations such as Microsoft and Starbucks, and is also responsible for the creation of the Smart Cart — a voice activated cart that leads shoppers at Whole Foods to items on their grocery list — so it’s clear they’re experienced in cutting the middleman (or any kind of human) out of a dining experience.

Since Chaotic Moon’s slogan is “We’re The Best,” they’ve likely already considered all the perils of introducing such cutting-edge technology to a chain like Pizza Hut. Having the chance to play games like Flappy Stache likely won’t be an attraction for older customers, for example, and the steps involved in calibrating one’s pizza seem unnecessarily complicated, at least in the concept video.  A more serious problem, though, is the notion that Pizza Hut’s knowledge of software will have definitely eclipsed their knowledge of how to make pizza. At this point, they should probably just be making software and leaving the pizza out entirely.

(via Sploid, image via Pizza Hut)

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