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Pixel Pistol


Etsy vendor presstarttobegin makes and sells pixellated pistols like the one above, available in a host of colors.

This color version is to be henceforth known as “CMY-Killa”! This is because of the cyan, magenta, and yellow accent stripes that bedeck & bedazzle both sides of this dark gray/black gun. So there.

These pistols are cut from 3/4” thick poplar dowels, assembled with wood glue, primed, and painted with high quality acrylics. They are then sealed with a spray-on varnish to provide extra protection against accidental scratching.

This edition of guns measure 9 1/2” long, 6” tall, and 3/4” deep.

They don’t fire bullets, mind you — do you really think you could fire bullets from a gun that’s a pixel thick? — but you can at least play pretend and make chiptune noises, though you may not want to do this in public. The creator’s pixel knife is pretty neat too.

(presstarttobegin via GameFreaks)

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