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Phoenix Wright Is In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and it is So, So Funny [Video]

Capcom is always good for mashing up everyone’s favorite Capcom characters into one platform, but with the new Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom on the horizon, Capcom may have run out of characters to mash up. They’ve added lawyer extraordinaire Phoenix Wright as a battler. That’s right, the star of everyone’s favorite anime-gone-too-far point-and-click menu-based game where lawyers have gravity-defying hair and bright colors burst all around as they scream “Objection!” in points of a trial that would enrage a judge in real life will be fighting Wolverine sometime soon.

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The awesome thing is, Capcom didn’t just give Phoenix Wright regular old punches and kicks, oh no, they incorporated his lawyering skills into the battle: He presents evidence so hard that it literally does damage to his opponents. As the above video will corroborate, he even performs a super attack in which he presents evidence that finds his opponents guilty. Really. Today is fun.

(via Joystiq)

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