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Despite Having Three Cats With Decent Names I Am Obsessed With the Petfinder Names Twitter Account

His name is Good Soup and I love him.


The Twitter account “Petfinder Names” has consumed a good portion of my time. This is despite the fact that I 1) already have three cats and 2) they all have two sets of names—their actual names and whatever name I call the chubbier one who feels the need to flop his butt (JUST his butt) on my leg.

However, the Internet was made for cat memes and dogs doing that head-turn they do at just the right time, so this Twitter account was destined for greatness.

The account, created by Twitter user @420insidejob with @nicolejusttweet co-managing it, is exactly what it sounds like. The account tweets about pets on Petfinder who have interesting names, but it will also let you know if the pet is up for adoption.

So it’s funny AND beneficial to our four-legged friends.

Yes, you could possibly own your own kitty cat duo known as Apple Bottom Jeans and Boots With The Fur.

It’s a bit of a collective contribution, as the page takes submissions via DM, tags whoever made the submission, and includes an adoption link if there’s one available for the pet.

I found the page the way that I assume most people do: someone you know retweeted someone they know who tweeted about a cat named Good Soup.

I’d like to think my pet name game is okay (save for the cat my wife and I foolishly named Loki who ended up being a trickster her entire life), but it’s nothing compared to a good boy who’s named Updog.

Typically, from my experience, new owners end up renaming their pets. I’ve grown up with a history of geeky pet names, like my very first family dog—a Great Dane named Vader after, you’ve guessed it, Darth Vader. I don’t know anyone in my life who’s been the Fluffy or Spots type, it’s either been geek names or human names (which are, of course, more than okay).

I’ve never run into anyone who just straight up names a dog I AM HUNGRY.

I wouldn’t change the name. Ever. I’d just scream I AM HUNGRY to get my dog to run over for treats.

Or I’d let Kraft American Single nuzzle up against me.

I’m also a fan of this cat whose name just gets straight to the point. I think I’m gonna borrow the name for my tiny girl cat who picks fights with the other two all the time.

While scrolling through the Twitter account I noticed that there’s an artist who goes by Zee who does pet art commissions. They actually do art based on some of the pets the account tweets about. I’m particularly fond of the cat trio of Chair, Lamp, and Table.

15/10 would recommend checking this Twitter account out so you can get a necessary serotonin boost today.

(image: Petfinder)

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