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What Kind of Monster Gets Mad at a Dog for Having the Same Name as Him?!

Calm down, Brad #2

Dog at Pride

You are pretty much guaranteed to never be seen as “the asshole” if your AITA (Am I The Asshole) post is in defense of an absolute good boy. In this case, the good boy is a pup named Brad who finds himself dealing with a rather insecure man about his name.

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Okay first of all, yes, it is adorable when dogs have human names. It’s adorable when dogs have any name, really, but I always end up chuckling when a dog is named Hank or Amy or some extremely common human name.

Like, combine the normal name with “Snickerdoodle” I don’t care, just let me pet your dog.

This brings me to my second point: Brad #2 is a guest in his girlfriend’s brother’s house for the all-important first-time introduction to a family member. This can be a rather nerve-wracking experience, but  “Drop The Ball Brad” has an immediate connection by sharing his name with “Brad The Dog Deserves Better.”

How isn’t this a win?!

This could’ve been an instant in with the family! “What a coincidence,” he could’ve said, or, “Great minds think alike.” But no, “Pissy Brad” decided to be in a mood for the remainder of the visit.

I’m really trying to figure out what he’s so mad about. Does he think that dogs are beneath him? Does he think his girlfriend’s brother named his dog Brad just to piss him off? It’s not like he named his dog Brad yesterday, his dog has always been Brad, and that’s fine!

The most upsetting part about this story (to me, at least) is that this guy’s sister called him to berate him for “disrespecting her boyfriend.”



“Honestly, this seems like such a Brad thing for him to do and I don’t think I did anything wrong here, but maybe I’m wrong? Should I have lied about Brad’s name so I didn’t risk hurting his feelings?” No. Absolutely not. You are NOT the asshole here, my friend!

Not that it matters, because, “Well, my sister saw the post and so did Brad #2. They have been bickering and apparently split up. Brad #1 and I don’t want any part of that nonsense so don’t call me till you figure it out, Sarah.”

I hope that break up means that “Sarah Do Better” saw the error of her ways and left this man for being so pressed about what her brother names his pets. Why would she get mad at her brother about his dog’s name, anyway? Did she not know that he had a dog named Brad? Even if she didn’t, her boyfriend being upset over something like that is… not great.

Though I suspect that it was “Ugh Brad Why” that walked away, not able to handle all the responses reading him for filth.

Or maybe he couldn’t handle the onslaught of pet pictures. As to be expected, all the fluff nuggets have human names because why the hell not?

Don’t be a Brad – the human one, at least.

Signed: the cat mom of Carter and Clayton.

Carter and Clayton

There’s also a third cat named Puppet, but Carter and Clayton get my point across.

Give your pets whatever name you want, and if your sister’s boyfriend can’t handle the honor of sharing his name with a furbaby then HE’S the asshole.

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