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Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Break Down New Spidey Suit

tom holland looking sad in spider-man: no way home

Spider-Man: No Way Home set up a lot of questions for the future of Spider-Man, but one thing was certain: Peter’s got a whole new look. After his entire world implodes thanks to Mysterio, he spends the entire film trying to fix what happened, only to slowly realize that the only way his loved ones could live a normal life is if they didn’t know he existed. So at the end, when Peter has nothing and is left without the tech that Tony had left to him, he makes a new suit that is the iconic blue and red that fans have come to know from Spider-Man.

That’s exactly the point of the color choice, but it’s also important that Peter made the suit himself. Speaking with IGN, screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers talked about Peter’s new suit that we see at the end of the film. “Super sparkles. I love that blue that they chose. I mean, it’s right out of the comic books; it’s amazing,” said McKenna. “No, I mean, you see a sewing machine on the table and so you know he’s made his own suit; but, you know, I think everything that’s implied in that to me says this is a different Peter and a different Spider-Man than we’ve seen before.”

But we’ve come to know the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Peter Parker as the Peter who has things like the Iron Spidey suit or the ability to talk to Karen inside his suits. Now, he’s without that (as he was throughout the entirety of No Way Home), and it’s clear that this creates a new, clean slate for this version of Peter Parker.

“We really like the idea of Peter moving into a new phase of his life where he doesn’t necessarily have the help of a Tony Stark and all the access to all that technology and all of these things,” said Sommers. “So time will tell exactly what’s in that suit. But I think people can look forward to a different kind of suit and a different level of technology, but maybe Peter’s got something stashed away somewhere and it’s full of gadgets. Who knows?”

Peter on his own

For the most part, Peter Parker has had help, which makes sense. He was fifteen when Tony Stark brought him to Germany, and he was sixteen when he was snapped away by Thanos. The oldest we saw him was as a senior in high school, so relying on others made sense. But now that the world has forgotten who Peter Parker is, he’s left completely alone and forced into the unassuming life we’ve known Peter Parker to have in the comics.

So having a suit that matches that, bringing it back to his roots and showing us why we love Peter as a character is an exciting new chapter for this rendition of the character. Tom Holland has mastered the dynamic between Peter and Spider-Man and understands how the character functions in his world, and so, to now throw him into more of the traditional comic setting of Spider-Man? It’s going to be exciting for the character, as well as audiences who have loved him for decades.

I love the new suit, and I love that Peter is getting his GED and living in a cheap apartment. I hope we see him with a camera and ready to take on the journalism world next in whatever outing we see Holland return in. And I’m happy that it seems as if McKenna and Sommers wanted the suit to reflect his comic roots and the truth of Peter’s situation.

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