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[UPDATED] EA’s Peter Moore Unhappy With Twitter’s Handling of Harassment Just Like the Rest of Us


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[UPDATE] During the writing of this post, the harassing account in question got suspended. Looks like Moore’s complaints paid off.

EA Games’ Peter Moore probably isn’t surprised that he gets some hate as the COO of one of the biggest video game companies around. But that doesn’t mean he has to just sit back and take it, and he’s not too happy that Twitter seems to think he should.

Last night, Moore retweeted a bunch of harassing tweets he received and then Twitter’s less than helpful response on the matter:

His harasser, whose very important driving force is not being happy with the most recent FIFA game, has been sending him the exact kind of tweets you’d expect (possible trigger warning):



By this point in this list of tweets, or just by our current point in the state of the Internet, most of you probably aren’t surprised that the harasser finds it easiest to attack Moore indirectly through comments about his wife—the nearest woman he could think of. Well, this next tweet really won’t surprise you, then:

And in case you thought the harassment would just be limited to wishing death on people and rape comments, know that some racism made it in there, too. (I know “Muslim” is a religion descriptor and not a race, but I’m willing to bet it’s all the same to this guy.)

Because when you want to attack a white guy it gets kind of confusing how to proceed, so just throw scattershot, tangential insults at any less privileged group you can think of. In fact, when I tweeted that, unlike my female coworkers here at The Mary Sue, I’d never been harassed over anything I’d written, someone tried to prove me wrong with a similar, very NSFW approach that I won’t link here.

And that last tweet is actually the main reason that Twitter’s response may be off base, too. Twitter’s rules state, “You may not create multiple accounts for disruptive or abusive purposes, or with overlapping use cases.” If this person created multiple accounts for the purpose of continuing harassment, that’s a clear violation.

But hopefully, with Moore’s tweets, Twitter’s new ability to report harassment of other users will help the situation.

And let this be a way to remind everyone: if you see harassing tweets directed at anyone, you don’t have to sit back and hope Twitter will listen to that person anymore. You can help them out and report it yourself.

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