The Periodic Table of Super-Powers

One-off periodic tables are a dime a dozen on — there’s even a Periodic Table of Periodic Tables, for cripes’ sake — but what separates the wheat from the chaff is … their being really good and clever. In a tour de force that would make¬†TVTropes proud, Comics Alliance senior writer Chris Sims has whipped up a Periodic Table of Super-Powers split into origin stories, physical powers, and mental powers.

(Click to enlarge.)

We can’t wait for the actinides and lanthanides!

The Bizarro world version: Mark Winter’s Periodic Table of ComicBooks is not a typical webby periodic table at all, but lets you scan references to real-world elements across thousands of classic comics. Who knew that Magneto had a henchman made of bismuth in 1996?

(Comics Alliance via Bleeding Cool)

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