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Let’s Recap All That We Know So Far About the ‘Percy Jackson’ Series That Will Eventually Hit Disney Plus

Waiting for you, seaweed brain!

Cast playing Annabeth, Percy and Grover. Image: Disney Plus.

All throughout this year, we’ve been hearing more and more news about the new adaptation of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson saga— a new take on everyone’s favorite Greek demigod ever since the two 2010s movies, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.

Two movies that weren’t exactly accurate and that have always stirred up very mixed responses within the fandom—even though if Logan Lerman doesn’t return as Poseidon in this new adaptation I swear to God Disney will have to answer to me personally—which is why fans everywhere rejoiced when Riordan first announced that a television show was in the works. 

The official confirmation on Disney Plus’ part arrived at the beginning of 2022, so now that we’re approaching the end of the year it’s time to put together all that we know so far about this new adaptation— which is hopefully coming closer and closer.

What will be the plot of Disney Plus’ Percy Jackson series?

First things first, the plot. This one is fairly easy since the plot of at least the show’s first season will follow the storyline of the first book and therefore the first movie, Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. Perseus “Percy” Jackson, a seemingly normal New York City tween, discovers that not only he’s the son of the Greek god of the sea Poseidon but that he’s also the object of a divine manhunt because he’s accused of having stolen the all-powerful lightning bolt of Zeus, Poseidon’s brother and King of the gods.

This series of quite literally world-shattering discoveries leads Percy to find Camp Half-Blood, a very particular summer camp where demigods can train and be protected from the monsters that are constantly chasing them. And it’s in the iconic orange-shirt Camp Half-Blood that we meet most of the series’ main characters, whose casting has been announced over the course of 2022.

Has the cast of Percy Jackson been confirmed?

Of course, the most important characters are the protagonist trio— because we all know that every series needs to have a good trio to start with. Percy Jackson himself will be played by young actor Walter Scobell— who also starred in Netflix’s The Adam Project and was selected after a year of casting. Then there’s Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, who will be played by Leah Sava Jeffries, and rounding up the trio is actor Aryan Simhadri— taking up the role of Percy’s satyr protector Grover.

A casting that was met generally very favorably by fans—except for, you know, the obvious—especially because of the ages of the actors, who are much closer to the characters in the book than those chosen for the movies. We love age-accurate casting that leaves room for the actors to grow with their characters as the series progresses. 

Then there are the adults that roam around Camp Half-Blood and beyond—the first round of announcements started with the truly inspired casting of Jason Mantzoukas as Mr D, aka the Greek god Dionysus, forced into the role of director of Camp Half-Blood as a punishment from Zeus. Five more Olympians were announced in subsequent rounds of castings and are already listed on the series’ IMDb page

Jason Mantzoukas as Derek on the Good Place
At the first “Peter Johnson” coming from this man’s mouth, you’ll find me on the floor laughing (NBC)

Timothy Omundson will step into the shoes of Hephaestus, god of the forge—even though he could honestly also have been a spectacular Zeus. Then there’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, who will take on the role of Hermes, the messenger of the gods. In another strike of inspired casting, Adam Copeland of WWE fame will appear as Ares, the god of war. The first of the Big Three—the most important deities of the Greek pantheon, as they’re called in Percy Jackson’s world—to be announced was Hades, who will be played by Jay Duplass.

Lin-Manuel Miranda in Mary Poppins Returns
The kids at Hermes’ cabin must be very well versed in Hamilton lyrics (Disney)

And then there are the other figures, mythical or otherwise, who surround Percy and the other demigods. Starting with Virginia Kull, who will take on the role of Percy’s mother Sally Jackson; Glynn Turman will be the centaur Chiron, the instructor of Camp Half-Blood; Jason Gray-Stanford will be one of the Satyr Elders, Maron; Megan Mullally will take on the role of the fury Alecto and Timm Sharp will be Percy’s stepdad Gabe.

The second round of announcements included the characters of Clarisse La Rue, daughter of Ares, who will be played by Dior Goodjohn; Luke Castellan, son of Hermes, played by Charlie Bushnell; and Nancy Bobofit, whose role will go to actress Olivea Morton. Then Suzanne Cryer will appear as Echidna, mother of monsters, and Jessica Parker Kennedy as the by-now infamous Medusa.

When is the release window for the Percy Jackson series?

Last September’s D23 Expo gifted us with our very first look at Camp Half-Blood, completed with demigods in orange shirts ready to play capture the flag and the imposing Poseidon cabin of which Percy will be the sole resident. All the while Percy himself narrates the famous opening of The Lightning Thief pretty much verbatim, warning us about how being a demigod isn’t all fun and games and it’s actually maybe better if you ignore the warning signs you might be one.

Still, we’ll probably have to wait a while before we even get a premiere date announcement— principal photography is still underway and according to Collider, it’s expected to wrap at the end of January 2023. Considering how extensive the post-production phase will be—what with all the monsters and wondrous powers that will need to pass through the visual effects department—we can maybe expect the show to premiere sometime around the end of 2023 or early 2024.

In the meantime, there are plenty of books in the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles saga to keep you entertained and help you freshen up—or catch up—on Riordan’s lore. You can start with the first series in the saga, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which include the first five books following the adventures of Percy, Annabeth and Grover as they deal with the consequences of the theft of Zeus’s lightning bolt— The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian.

Then move on to the second series, The Heroes of Olympus, which considerably expands the world with yet another five books—The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, The House of Hades and The Blood of Olympus. And then of course there’s the whole Trials of Apollo series as well as a wide selection of companion books— more than enough to tie you over until we get that oh-so-anticipated release date and we can start counting down the days on our calendars.

(via: Looper; image: Disney) 

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