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Pedro Pascal Did What We Couldn’t, He Deactivated His Twitter

He's really gone...

Pedro Pascal from The Mandalorian.

Our favorite Mandalorian and all-around best boy, Pedro Pascal, made the boldest move one can make and deactivated his Twitter account this weekend. Whether it was due to the reinstatement of Trump’s Twitter account, the reinstatement of Jordan Peterson’s Twitter account, the reinstatement of Kanye’s Twitter account, or just the garbage hell fire that Twitter has become since Elon Musk took over (to clarify, this is worse than the chaotic hell fire that Twitter normally is), the end result is the same: we no longer have our handsome and oft-mustachioed Twitter dad swimming in the muck with us.

Is it good for his mental health and general well-being that he left? Most definitely. Will we miss him? Yes god yes.

To mourn/toast his departure, fans of Pascal have been rounding up and sharing his most memorable tweets. So let us gather together and read the words of Pedro Pascal, one of the best Tweeters to ever do it, and send him on his way back to the glorious real-life world of the flesh.

He kept his thirsty fans in check.

He kept misogynistic assholes in check too.

But he also had words of love and support for fans that needed it.

And always knew how to crack a joke.

But mostly, he was unafraid of admitting his vulnerability (needing help while on too many edibles) and unafraid of calling out bullying (like when he roasted Ted Cruz), which is what made him one of the Greats.

So thank you Mr. Pascal and we hope to see you and Grogu on our television screens with the premiere of the next season of The Mandalorian very soon. God speed.

(image: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

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