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Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Own a Candy Shop That We Suddenly Need to Visit

OK, this is a wholesome story, so I'll stop quoting 50 Cent's lyrics to "Candy Shop."

Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly in Ant-Man and The Wasp

There is, apparently, a hidden gem in Hudson Valley, New York. Fans of Paul Rudd, the immortal god among us, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, everyone’s favorite Hot Dad, have a candy shop. (Somewhere in the distance, “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent is playing softly.) Called “Samuel’s Sweet Shop,” the lovely little place also features the occasional Paul and Jeffrey behind the counter.

So, if you’ve ever been there and thought, “That guy looks just like Andy from Wet Hot American Summer,” it’s probably because that’s exactly who you’re looking at.

The story is actually quite sweet: Jeffrey Dean Morgan used to live in Los Angeles, and when he finally got tired of the sunshine, he wanted to move to upstate New York, where he filmed a few movies. While living in Rhinebeck, he met a man named Ira, who owned a candy shop. When Ira unfortunately passed away, Jeffrey called his famous Hudson Valley friend, Paul Rudd, and the two pooled their money together to buy the shop so it wouldn’t turn into some commercial storefront.

If we weren’t already in love with both Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, this story just got our hearts all aflutter. Two hot men saving a local candy shop from going out of business and running it with their kids? Sign us up for this Lifetime movie, please! If anything, though, this story shows the kind of men that Paul and Jeffrey are.

Sure, we hear all these stories about celebrities owning little shops or buying their own clothing lines, but these two didn’t do it for praise of to make money. They did it because Ira created something special with “Samuel’s Sweet Shop,” and they didn’t want the town to lose out on a store that had been there since the early ’90s.

As someone who lived in a town with little stores like this, there’s something so special about keeping them open, and for two movie stars, who are in some of the biggest things out there right now, to take this on shows a lot about their character. When Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t Negan in The Walking Dead or Paul Rudd isn’t saving the world as Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, these two dads just head to the shop with their kids.

Though, I will say that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s son is a hero. Just opening the door and telling people he owns the place while stealing candy from his dad? That’s the kind of life I want to lead.

Even though this story is wholesome and cute, it also makes me wonder … is the candy from Samuel’s Sweet Shop the secret to Paul Rudd’s eternal youth? It’s cute that they run the place with their kids, but has anyone actually checked just how long Paul Rudd’s kids have been kids? We may need a road trip to investigate.

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