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Patrick Warburton Is Feeling “Very Positive” We’ll Be Getting More of The Tick




Pssst, Tick fans! Here’s a reassuring tidbit to start off your weekend!

Back in August we reported that Amazon was looking to revive the beloved but short-lived superhero parody show with Patrick Warburton reprising his role as the titular antennaed crusader. Everyone maybe-involved in the possible project unfortunately still seems sworn to secrecy, but in a recent interview with Comic Book Resources Warburton said he’s “very positive” that the series will get a new life beyond its 9-episode 2011 run. So what has kept fans of the cult hit clamoring for more?

I think The Tick has license to be bigger than life. You don’t question it. One of the grandest performances — and for me it’s the grandest — in sitcom history is Michael Richards’ portrayal of Kramer. He’s as big as a circus clown, yet you never question the integrity of his character. You aren’t watching a character make choices. You are just enamored by this wonderful character. You believe that Kramer is a real person. It’s just so much fun to watch.

I think The Tick is also like this. He’s not even sure of where or whence he came. He’s just always been the same character, with this enormous heart. He wants to right the wrongs. He gets everything insanely mixed up, but somehow he makes it all make sense. He’s just a joy to watch. He’ll pick up a tiny cocktail umbrella and wonder who the tiny fellow is that left it behind. If it were anyone else, you’d think he was joking. But with The Tick, he’s not joking. It’s just fun to live in the world of The Tick.

Yes. Absolutely. Once again, now, we live in a world where you can’t just bury something. The eight or nine episodes we did of “The Tick” 12 or 13 years ago had a life because of DVDs. There was nothing like Netflix or Hulu, but it was still able to find its cult following. A network can’t just kill a show off like that anymore and make it disappear like Fox did. But those people at Fox are long gone, so I’m not hammering the Fox of today.

The Tick is a wonderful and genius character, and it would be lots and lots of fun to do again if we could find a way to make it happen.

Considering Warburton’s optimism, I think they’ll find a way. You can head over to Comic Book Resources to hear the former (and hopefully future) Big Blue Bug talk about comics, fandoms, and his role in The Woman Chaser.

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