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Patrick Stewart’s Recent Speech Confirms I Want to Be Patrick Stewart When I Grow Up

Hey, everyone! Remember how incredible Patrick Stewart is in pretty much all ways? Here is a convenient reminder.

Good morning, everyone. Today, we’re delighted to bring you this video of nerd icon Patrick Stewart being exactly the person you want him to be in real life this weekend at Comicapalooza in Houston. In response to a fan’s touching question, Stewart delivers an incredible, heartfelt, and deeply personal off-the-cuff speech about the repercussions of domestic violence and PTSD in his own life, and the work he does to try and help others suffering through the same sorts of troubles.

Ordinarily, I would give this video +10 points for the questioner — let’s use her tumblr handle, Lemon — rocking a Dax costume, as I’m of a mind that DS9 doesn’t get nearly enough play at cons. Except the video already has infinity points. So…infinity plus? Yes, that seems like a good rating.

You can check out Lemon’s accompanying post on her tumblr here.

(via YouTube, image via kenfagerdotcom)

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