Wait… Parks and Recreation Isn’t On Hiatus After All?

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Remember when we told you NBC placed Parks and Recreation on a sudden, unannounced hiatus? According to star Adam Scott, that’s a false alarm. *whistles innocently*

The gist of the hiatus story was that NBC’s newly-adjusted schedule for the rest of 2013 didn’t have Parks and Rec on it for all but two weeks in November; in its normal timeslot is special programming, including some reality TV and a Saturday Night Live clip show. But according to Scott that was the plan all along. The actor clarified via Twitter:

“Parks&Rec fans don’t worry, that Vulture article is misleading–we are not on “hiatus” at all…will still air the same amount of episodes before Xmas as last year, & weren’t scheduled to air new eps in Dec anyway…and Parks will be back with Community in a regular time slot at the beginning of Jan. Nothing to see here. All is well.”

So, uh… sorry for being the site that called hiatus on that one. Move along. Move along.

On the plus side: Yay for Parks and Rec fans! You’ll still have to endure some time without your show, but it looks like NBC isn’t planning its demise at this point in time. Here, have some happy Ron Swanson gifs!

(via Twitter 1, 2, 3; thanks to commenter Samantha)

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