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Parks and Recreation Predicted the Cubs’ World Series Win

I'm going to be rewatching this show even more closely.

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The Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series last week, making longterm fans like Bill Murray very happy and breaking a losing streak of 108 years. The Cubs have been riding high since then, even stopping by SNL last night to further savor the sweetness of their victory. However, if they’d been paying attention to a little show called Parks and Recreation, they might have been able to see their W coming from a mile away–or, at least, a year away.

Parks and Rec creator Mike Schur shared the above tweet on the night of the Cubs’ win, depicting a scene from the show’s final season. By that point, the show had fast-forwarded to the year 2017, and when Andy and Tom go to visit Tom’s longtime love interest Lucy in Chicago, she makes the comment that “everyone’s in a really great mood now because of the Cubs winning the Series.”

Now, it could be argued that Parks and Rec made a lot of early predictions by setting its final season in 2017, but Schur says that anyone could have been right about the Cubs emerging victorious based on a couple of factors–according to an interview with the Washington Post, he attributes the positive turnaround to the team’s hiring of Theo Epstein in 2011. Still, Schur doesn’t want to take all the credit for the good call:

I can’t emphasize enough how little credit I feel like I should take for that prediction. It’s a little like, if we had predicted [in the show] that Hillary Clinton was the president in 2017, there would probably be people asking me about that now. Saying Hillary Clinton was running for president in 2014 or 2013… that would’ve also been a pretty easy call to make based on the information that we had at the time. We’re not like wizards.

But can you be wizards, Parks and Rec? Can you please be wizards?!

(via The Washington Post)

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