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“How Dare You”: Adam Scott & Ben Schwartz React to Parks and Recreation Fan Theories

Backstage on The Late Late Show, Adam Scott and Ben Schwartz took some time to respond to Parks and Recreation fan theories the show pulled from Reddit. These range from theories that point out tension in plot lines (how does Leslie buy those extravagant presents?) to the completely outrageous. But do they amount to anything?

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The theories:

  • Was the team embezzling money from Pawnee City Hall? (Evidence cites the money Ron and Leslie have and Ben’s nervousness around the police.)
  • Did Ben once date Rachel from Friends? (The name “Ben Wyatt” comes up in one Friends episode when Monica mentions Rachel slept with Ben. The theory also speculates that she dumped him after learning of Ice Town.)
  • Is Jerry actually a sleeper agent? (His family is too perfect, he’s “oddly okay with people changing his name,” and The Americans “is a really cool show.”)

While Scott and Schwartz both strongly disagree with the first point, with Schwartz repeatedly going “How dare you?”, while Schwartz is willing to let the second one go for kicks. Scott essentially sums up how I feel about crossover fan theories (I’m looking at you Disney conspiracy theorists), responding, “When you cross TV streams like that, it tears a hole in the space-time continuum.”

As for the Jerry-theory, the two are all for it. “I agree with this 100%” says Schwartz, “and then I would like to see a Jerry/Mr. Bean type film where he’s an international spy and he says no words, but he farts and has heart attacks all the time. He’s constantly, like, falling into good luck. I would love to see that, he’s 100% a spy. I mean, you’re right, it’s almost too easy and too wonderful. He’s just so happy all the time, he’s hiding, he has deep regrets and the only way he can get it out is by taking lives and stealing artifacts.”

Do you have any favorite Parks and Rec theories?

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