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Parkour Goat Leaps Over Fence Like It Ain’t No Thang [Video]

Somewhere in Pennsylvania, Michael Scott is tremendously jealous.

Oh, goats. You make everything better, even Taylor Swift songs. This goat in particular, who belongs to YouTube user BrandosonR, decided to enrich our lives in his own unique way by scaling a six-foot wall to jump over a five-foot fence. Naturally he does it with all the grace and athletic ability of a character in an Assassin’s Creed cinematic, because goats are the most awesome little dudes ever, and there should definitely be more video games about them.

The best thing about the video is the little bleat he gives immediately after performing this spectacular feat. Like, “Yeah, human, I’m better than you. So what?”

(via SayOMG, featured image via ILRI)

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