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Parkland Students Call Out Trump for His Silence on the Tennessee Waffle House Shooting

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We talk a lot about “school shootings,” but the fact is, America’s gun problem extends far beyond schools. It’s at churches, and movie theaters, and now, at a Waffle House. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL are not at all happy that supposed-President of the United States Donald Trump has remained silent in the face of this latest shooting.

Yesterday, a white man with an AR-15 rifle (the same type of rifle used in the Parkland shooting) opened fire in a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee, killing four people and injuring at least two more. He may have hurt more people if, when he stopped to reload, straight-up hero James Shaw Jr. hadn’t wrestled the gun away from him. The suspect’s name is Travis Reinking, and he was just taken into custody today.

One would think that a sitting president would, in the face of a tragedy like this, make some kind of comment about it, even if it’s only of the “thoughts and prayers” variety. Instead, he’s tweeted about Mexico (he apparently still thinks “the Wall” is a thing), North Korea, the James Comey memos, Mike Pompeo, and “sanctuary cities.” No mention of the loss of life of four people in Tennessee at the hands of a gunman.

Perhaps it’s because the victims were all people of color: 3 African-American, one Latino? Perhaps it’s because the shooting suspect was a white male? Perhaps, no matter the race of the shooter or victims, this particular U.S. president is just that beholden to the NRA?

Whatever his reasons, the survivors of the Parkland shooting will not accept his silence on the subject, some reaching out to him directly while pointing out very important, if obvious information:

Student and activist Cameron Kasky reminded us that gun violence isn’t limited to schools:

Others, like one of our faves, Emma González, didn’t direct their comments at Trump, but said things that need to get back to him:

According to The Daily Dot, Trump sent his press secretary out to do the work for him. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders then said, “The president offers his condolences to the victims and their families. He is monitoring the ongoing situation and the White House is in regular contact with state and local officials.”

I wonder how he’s monitoring the situation while also doing all that tweeting about a wall?


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