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We’ve Got New Details About Paige Tico and Her Fellow Resistance Pilots, And Oh No I’m Already Shipping Two of Them

Cover for Star Wars VIII The Last Jedi: Bomber Command, by Jason Fry, featuring Paige Tico on the cover

[Warning: This article mentions broad plot points and character bios from The Last Jedi, so if you’re really looking to go in totally fresh, I’d hold off. I know, I know. You’re so close!]

We haven’t heard of a ton of details about Paige Tico (played by Veronica Ngo), the sister to Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico. We do know that she’s a Resistance gunner, we know that Poe Dameron coaches her at some point, and we’ve seen her action figure, but we haven’t heard too much about her aside from that. However, recently shared some small character bios for her and her fellow pilots, courtesy of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi expansion set for the Top Trumps card game, so we’ve got a few more hints.

Paige’s summary focuses on her “nerves of steel” and gunning skills. “Resistance gunner for Cobalt Squadron,” reads the card, “Paige has the nerves of steel required to target point defense cannons and incoming enemy starfighters that harass her hefty bomber during crucial runs.”

The Top Trumps set also includes a card for Paige’s fellow Resistance flyer, a pilot named Tallie Lintra (played by Hermione Corfield). Tallie is described as follows: “A skilled A-Wing pilot fighting for the Resistance, Tallie must escort bombers to keep enemy ships off them until they are in position to drop their explosive payloads.”

Now, to my eyes, it reads like these two female pilots work together in tandem, with Tallie escorting Paige’s heavy bomber, and each playing off the other’s strengths and intuiting the other’s moves, and … and now all I want is for the heat of battle to throw them together in love.

There’s also another bomber on the Top Trumps cards, named Nix, who seems fine, and is described as the one who pulls the trigger. “Within the cramped innards of the Resistance Cobalt bomber,” reads the summary, “Nix attends the bomb release trigger ready to drop the vessel’s explosive payload onto First Order targets.” (I really just want this to turn out to be some sort of secret alias for Billie Lourde’s character, Lieutenant Connix, but I don’t think that’ll happen.)

We’ll obviously have to wait until The Last Jedi is out to know what happens with these character, and there’s still a non-zero chance that Paige gets killed off early in the film in order to provide motivation for Rose’s “interesting relationship with war.” 

But. But.

Given that both Paige and Tallie have action figures, and the fact that Elizabeth Wein is writing a Last Jedi companion novel titled Cobalt Squadron and Jason Fry is writing one called Bomber Command, I’m hoping the Tico sisters will get to be on-screen together for a while … and also that one of them will date her fellow pilot.

Now, is it pretty ridiculous that I’m getting excited about this potential character relationship for a movie I haven’t seen? I mean, sure, but that’s the point of the hype machine and also the human imagination. You can’t fight The Mouse, folks, so I might as well enjoy my fighter pilot couple while they still exist in my mind.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in movie theaters on December 15.

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