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Packing Tape Innovation Potentially Solves Packing Tape Problem


The worst part about packing tape is that it can be rather difficult to remove from boxes. It keeps them closed so well that it’s a pain to even try to open them once they arrive at their destination. If only there was a type of tape similar to those shipping envelopes with the built-in rip cord for easy opening.  That’s apparently what Quirky was thinking when they dreamt up the aptly named Rip Cord.

Taking a page from the aforementioned shipping envelopes, Rip Cord has a, well, rip cord in the center of what is otherwise a regular roll of packing tape. It even has a special dispenser designed to leave a tab for easy location and execution of the cord. But even this most brilliant of shipping methods isn’t without some faults.

Rip Cord isn’t quite as universal as a regular roll of packing tape. If you’re looking to seal a box multiple times, having a rip cord isn’t likely to be of much use. Or if you’re one of those folks that tape the edges to prevent them from snagging. But if you’re in the market for a single-seal solution, Quirky’s soon to have you and your box covered.

It might only be upcoming at the moment but surely there is cause enough for this to be available shortly. Until such a time as Rip Cord is purchasable, I suppose we’ll have to deal with lackluster regular packing tape.

(Quirky via Gizmodo)

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