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We Review the Pacific Rim Blu-ray, and Talk a Lot About Drifting

So much robot punching.

Pacific Rim

Our friends at Legendary Pictures sent us over a copy of the Pacific Rim Blu-ray combo pack, and we checked it out over the weekend. If you loved Pacific Rim, you’re probably going to want to spring for the Blu-ray rather than just the DVD or a download because the features are extensive, and incredible.

If you didn’t catch Pacific Rim in theaters you’re not alone. Two out of three Geekosystem editors watched it for the first time this weekend, but unfortunately we feel like we may have missed out. The strongest component of the film is by far its visuals, and we wish we watched them on a giant theater screen rather than a modestly-sized television, or a computer screen on a train.

As for the story, it’s interesting, but if anything it’s too expansive, and that’s where the Blu-ray comes in. Even at a runtime of 132 minutes, the film feels cramped. Guillermo del Toro created a compelling world with interesting characters, but the scope may have been too broad for a single film. The bonus features of the Blu-ray let you delve much deeper into that world and its inhabitants.

One feature in particular that we at first thought was a little gimmicky, but really appreciate is the Drift Space feature. It compiles all that crazy swooshing blue footage we saw when the characters drift with each other, and expands on their backstories. Learn who Newt’s parents are, and what music he likes. We didn’t get enough backstory for Mako in the movie, so it’s nice to get more of it on the Blu-ray. In a way, you actually get to feel like you’re drifting with these characters and getting an intimate look at their memories. We even seen what makes them the happiest.

Besides the nearly obligatory commentary track, you also get a look at del Toro’s notebook outlining a lot of key details of the story and production of Pacific Rim. There’s no shortage of del Toro talking about the movie and his filmmaking process. We also get a look at some deleted scenes that help flesh out this world a little more.

If the film on its own left you a little wanting in terms of the world its set in, the Blu-ray features should help fill that giant Jaeger-sized hole in your heart.

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