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Pacific Rim Animated Series Details Revealed

More kaiju. And more giant robots. YES.


Production is set to begin on Pacific Rim 2 next month, but the animated series that Guillermo del Toro announced recently is already far into the development process, and we’re finally getting some more details about it to increase our anticipation.

Director Guillermo del Toro did an interview with Collider recently and revealed a lot of information about the new animated series. While the comic, Year Zero, focused on what happened before Pacific Rim, the animated series is going to bridge the gap between the first and second films. Del Toro also talked about the cast of characters.

We have cameos of characters from the first movie, but mostly it’s a new set of characters.  New jaegers, except for one or two, [and] new kaijus.

The series is going to set more of a long story arc instead of conforming to individual episode plots, which will really help enhance the already-colorful universe. He plans to explore more about drifting, jaeger technology, and how exactly the kaiju evolved. If the show is successful and connects well between the two movies, they plan to have more seasons. Del Toro is set in that the series, no matter how many seasons, will not turn into a “weekly adventure.” So it’s nice to know there will be potentially a lot of big stories to look forward to.

There’s no confirmation as to what production companies Legendary is looking to go with. Currently they are in talks with a few different people and won’t release information until they confirm a studio. Hopefully with production well under way, that news will be coming soon.

The series is set for 13 episodes and will most likely be aimed at a younger audience, however older fans of Pacific Rim should enjoy it either way!

(via Collider)

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