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What If Mass Effect Involved Reaper Fights With Pacific Rim-Style Jaegers?

Someone create this game immediately.


What if, after the events of Mass Effect 2, the Citadel Council had actually listened to Shepard’s advice and started preparing for a Reaper attack in earnest? If you’re internet mash-up artist Obi-Rus Kenobi, you imagine that the Council races might have built epic Jaegers to fight the giant Reaper invasion.

Here’s each race’s Pacific Rim-inspired Jaeger. You can find more of Obi-Rus Kenobi’s work on WordPress and DeviantArt!

Systems Alliance’s N7 Jaeger Normandy Omega


The Asari Republic’s Destiny’s Embrace


The Turian Hierarchy’s Digeris Theta


The Krogan Aralakh Crimson


The Salarian Union’s Aegohr Ultra


The Quarian’s Keelah Victor


The Geth’s Consensus Initiated


(via obiruskenobi)

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