A Tale of Two Fake Pac-Man Movie Trailers

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Currently making the rounds on the Internet: A wonderful fake trailer for Pac-Man: The Movie, whipped up by Therefore Productions.

Taking the psychological horror route, it’s a mix of Iron Man, Saw, Shutter Island, and Crank 2: High Voltage: A Tony Stark-like pharmaceuticals magnate named “Michael Pacman” is under investigation for the dangerous side effects allegedly caused by his drugs, and he’s put in a maze full of hallucinatory ghosts, wherein he must eat his tablets off shelves and drink glowing blue liquid to stay alive — but suffer increasingly retro side effects.

Check it out:

It brought to mind Scott Gairdner’s very different take on the Pac-Man legend in the form of this mock trailer, from way back in 2006: While it’s not quite as slick or as faithful to the original game mechanics (it takes a much more J-cyberpunk tack), it does feature the immortal line “…some kind of man. Some kind of Pac-Man.” Also: bonus points for the Ms. Pac-Man reveal.

(Therefore via Geekologie)

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