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Screw Drones! Have Your Packages Delievered By Owls [Video]

Or, if you have a working fireplace, a wizard can hand deliver them to you using floo powder.

We have got to hand it to Waterstones in the UK — their parody of Amazon Prime Air is amazingly fast on the draw, given that Bezos only announced the plan last night. It’s also pretty on-point. Why should we wait for the post to read books when a respectable-looking British man is telling us that owls can fly them to us instead?

Maybe it’s just the years of childhood conditioning that J.K. Rowling put us through with the Harry Potter novels, but we’re not against the idea of using owls as an acceptable substitute for unmanned drones. Sure, owls aren’t actually all that good at learning tricks compared to other birds — in fact, they’re kind of stupid — but lookit their little beaks and their giant eyes! Wouldn’t it be so much better having a bunch of owls flying around all over the place instead of drones?

Admit it, you’d love that. Unless you’re comedian Matt Braunger.


(via Waterstones on Youtube)

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