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Cats Are Not Enough: Japan Now Has Cafes for Domesticated Owls

Owl have what she's having.

As the cat cafe’s natural predator, it stands to reason that owl cafes would be the inevitable next step in the evolution of Japan’s hot beverage-plus-adorable-animal establishments. Although there are apparently already numerous owl cafes in Tokyo, Fukuro no Mise (pictured in the video above) is one of the most popular.

Travel writer Linda Lombardi recently paid Fukuro no Mise a visit, and describes what it’s like to share tea with off-duty Owl Post carriers:

I have to say that my initial skepticism totally vanished. It was amazing to be up-close with these wild animals that seemed totally un-fazed by the experience. Maybe they knew they had the upper hand, what with the sharp parts. And clearly they’re used to the adoration of the crowds. They were also quite beautiful and much more varied than I expected.

To learn more about Japan’s owl cafes, you can peruse a detailed review over on Lombardi’s website. What do you think, gang? Would you be willing to pay Fukuro no Mise a visit?

(via Laughing Squid)

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