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Here’s Outlander‘s Official Return Trailer & Some Talk Of A Certain Impending Scene

Let's discuss.

I’m just gonna come out and say that I’m pretty scared about Outlander‘s April 4 return. They got some good momentum the first time around but then…things happened. Am I OK with those things because of the momentum or am I not? I just don’t know, you guys! How do I feeeeeel?

More things are happening when the show comes back, of course, hence the scared.

Outlander‘s presentation at the Television Critics Association took place Friday, which meant lots of sage and true observations like “Fact: Sam Heughan makes 90% of the men on Earth look like goblins.” (Apologies to all men). It also meant the cast was tasked with talking about the impending (spoiler alert? But like it-happened-in-the-book spoiler alert) “spanking” scene. Here’s Caitriona Balfe discussing that, as transcribed by Entertainment Weekly

We all knew a lot of people would be very interested in see in how we’d tackle it. First you have to look at it in the mind frame of 1743,” she said. “In 1743, this is a very justified form of punishment a husband would dish out. We talked a lot about it. We met a few times, we choreographed it quite well–” at this point, Balfe starts to giggle “– we tried to give it the respect it deserves. For Claire, she finds it hard to wrap her mind around what this man she loves is about to do. What I loved about it is we took time [afterward to include the scene in] the context of their marriage, how to get past this. Even tho she might not accept what he did there, they had to be coming to understand his reasons.” Heughan added: Jamie knows he has to do it to teach her a lesson ….it strengthens their relationship moving forward.

Euuuurrghh…Blergh. Blargh. I feel like I’m not gonna be sold on that scene for a while, if ever. Any readers of the books want to make me feel better/worse about it?

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