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Apple Releases $69 OS X Lion Thumb Drive Online, Available in Retail Stores Soon

As Apple previously announced would happen, their next iteration of cat-named operating systems, OS X Lion, is now available for purchase in a physical format, rather than forcing users to obtain the operating system solely via digital means. Currently available on the Apple online store, OS X Lion ships on a thumb drive in only one-to-three business days, with free shipping, and will set purchasers back $69.

However, there is one caveat for users who install the operating system via the thumb drive, rather than installing the digital-only version through the Mac App Store.

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For the obsessive-compulsive that likes to wipe his or her hard drive and reinstall the operating system to keep things fresh and clean, if using the OS X Lion thumb drive, they will have to perform the wipe with the drive, and will not be able to use Lion’s internet-based recovery system. It would seem that installing Lion via the thumb drive pigeonholes users into having to perform reinstalls through the thumb drive only, so purchasers should keep the stick in a safe, easily rememberable location.

The Lion thumb drive will be making its way to physical stores soon.

(via 9to5Mac)

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