Apple Releases OS X Lion, New MacBook Airs and New Mac Minis Today

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Continuing the chain of large, adorable cats that will also eat your face if you get too close, Apple has released the next iteration of their OS X operating system today, Lion. As we previously reported, Lion is available through the Mac App Store for a cool, low price of $30. To accompany the ferocious operating system, Apple has also released a new set of MacBook Airs and Mac Minis, with the usual not-huge-but-still-desirable upgrade policy that Apple tends to employ with their iterative releases.

The release of Lion marks the first time Apple has released its operating system as download-only, though it does lower the price quite a bit. To upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion (maybe Liger, then Thundercat will follow?), simply update Snow Leopard to the most recent version via the usual method — the Software Update menu — then head on over to the Mac App Store, purchase and download Lion, and let the install process take hold. Head on over to Apple’s official site for the details on the new operating system, straight from the gift Lion’s mouth.

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