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Orlando Jones Appears in Video to Fans Explaining Sleepy Hollow Departure

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Orlando Jones is, without question, a delightful human. From his complete and total embracing of fans and fandom to his hilarious presence on social media, he’s one of the celebrities I always enjoy keeping up with. The latest video uploaded to his official YouTube account is no exception, though some of it is a little bittersweet.

TMS reported on Jones’ departure from Sleepy Hollow back in May, but details were sketchy then and no one really seemed to want to discuss what had prompted Jones to leave the show. In the Twitter Q&A video, however, Jones says he was actually asked to leave–and unfortunately, he probably won’t be coming back.

“What led to me leaving was they changed the show,” Jones admits. When the show first started, there were characters like the Headless Horseman and Moloch–but without them, Jones says he “doesn’t know who Frank Irving would be fighting against.”

Of course Jones has nothing but perfectly respectful things to say about the entire situation, and while the return of Frank may not really be a possibility anymore–if he was asked to come back, maybe we could expect a small cameo? Given that the show is so different now, however, would you want Frank to show up in Sleepy Hollow again?

(via TVLine, image via YouTube)

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