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The Art of Boat Folding: Origami Yacht [Pics]

There are three pictures in this post, so they’re worth a total of 3,000 words, in theory.In this case, they’re worth 1,500 iterations of “OMG WHAAAAT?” It’s a folding boat. What starts out looking  like a cross between a spaceship, a Super Monkey Ball level, and an avant-garde commercial-area park ultimately fold up its a comparatively little dart of a thing, to zoom off into the sunset.

The next James Bond villain better have one of these. There could be a great scene where Bond is just barely holding on to a ledge on the boat, and then the bad guy activates the folding, and so the ledge folds in and forces off his grip! And then the boat refolds itself into a shark with a laser mounted on it and zaps him to tiny bits!

If it didn’t cost 7.2 million dollars, I’d totally have seven. One for each proverbial sea.

(Via Gizmodo via Born Rich)

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