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Touchscreen Watch Tells Time With Optical Illusions

In this day and age, when you’ve got your Walkmans and your iTablets and your new fangled pocketual telephones, people don’t wear watches as much as they used to. Just wearing a watch is enough to perplex some of your fellows, I’m sure, so why not wear a¬†truly¬†perplexing watch to perplex them further? The new Tokyoflash Kisai Optical Illusion LCD watch is tops at that, displaying the time via an optical illusion that — if I’m any indication of “normal” — takes a bit of training to learn to read, but no training to appreciate.

If you can’t read the squiggles, the watch also has a reveal button: The lower right quadrant of the screen. The other quadrants of the screen do things like let you display the date, alarms, or set the watch to an alternate display mode where it dynamically switches between optical illusion view and standard view every 20 seconds. This bad boy has no physical buttons, and why should it?

If you want one of these puppies, they come in silver and black with your choice of a natural screen or a green one. Up until the 27th, they’re selling for $179 a pop, but after that, they’ll be $199, so get in now if you want that sweet, sweet $20 discount. Or just keep using your cellular communication device as a makeshift pocket watch, and leave the “being cool” to us cool kids.

(via Technabob)

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