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Ooohhh, Come Watch the Lovely, DaVinci-Style Opening Title Sequence for Star Trek: Discovery

Ahead of the series premiere tonight, CBS has shared the delicate, atmospheric opening credits for Star Trek: Discovery. As many viewers will notice, they’re quite a departure from previous Trek credit sequences. Where other series went full futurism, with heady shots of deep space, Discovery has opted for a sequence that draws its imagery from architectural plans, or Da Vinci’s L’Uomo Vitruviano.

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I personally found it quite beautiful, if unconventional. It somehow hearkens to both early modern drawings and today’s cutting-edge modeling software, creating a gentle and compelling through-line for the long human history of exploration and inquisitiveness. While Trek is so often about the wonder and awe of discovering our vast universe, this sequence seems to celebrate the beauty, intricacy, and wonder of the human engineering that could get us there.

We’ll see soon enough how the show might match the tone of its credits (or not)! Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS tonight (Sunday) at 8:30 PM EST. After the on-air premiere, it will also be available on CBS All Access.

(If the official version of the credits sequence isn’t available in your region, the below should work)

(Via TV Guide; featured image via CBS Television)

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